Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Here is what other people think of us! These are the testimonials of our company's customers

Get different opinions on the services of our garage door company before you hire us for a job. The easiest way to do this is to read the testimonials about the experiences of our customers shared on this dedicated web page. Find out what people think about our specialists and their professional work.

Great advice and installation!

I know very little about my choices when it comes to parts for my electric garage door, which is why I was reluctant to listen to my wife and upgrade my system to allow me to open my door using my phone. She saw how easy it was for her friend, and wanted us to have the same one. I can't deny though, it did sound more comfortable. I expected it would be an expensive hassle, but luckily for me it wasn’t because I hired Garage Door Repair in Maple Grove for the job. They explained my options to me, telling me the pros and cons of each product and installed the one I selected. Everything works great and we couldn't be happier with their help!

The best garage door opener technicians I know!

I’ve had an electric garage door for some time now, and whenever something breaks down or stops working, I always feel like it’s a mission getting it sorted out. I’m happy that I’ve finally found a company as good as Garage Door Repair in Maple Grove who got to work and repaired my opener without any hassles, complications or surprises. Their technician got here right on time, was very polite and finished in no time. This company is absolutely fantastic and I would happily use them again or recommend them to anyone who needs repairs done!

Broken Spring Repair

I am very thankful for this company because they were able to fix the problem with my Genie garage door opener. I've had my Genie opener for a while now and it has served me well these past several years until that time when it didn't open the door for me and I had to unlatch the door from the opener just so I could get my car out. This company sent in one of their repair men to check up on the door and take care of the problem. Everything went well and now, I look forward to many more years with this trusty machine.

- Farrah Greene

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