Romantic Door Designs for Your Sweetheart

Romantic Door Designs for Your Sweetheart

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You have invited over that special someone for Valentine’s Day, and the time has come to decorate the house. The inside is sorted, and the wine has been brought out—but the outside is looking a bit bare. Fret not. Your garage door is the perfect platform for doing this. If you have been keeping up with your door maintenance and repairs, simply project an image onto the surface.Romantic Garage Door Designs

Set Up a Projector

Create ambiance and mood by projecting a romantic design onto your garage door. A textured heart, a meadow of flowers or a meaningful message are all possible with a projector. If you do not already have one, borrow or rent it, and set it up in the garden. If you can hang it from a tree or otherwise disguise it, even better—doing so will make the projection more immersive.

Do not limit yourself to pictures, either. Slideshows or video are both options, and your garage door is a brilliant outdoor canvas for this. Be aware that the color of your door can distort the colors in your projection—an aluminum door will give a different effect to a wooden one, for example. Compensate for this by changing the colors of your projection. Be it a picture or a video, this can easily be done on a computer.

Have a Garden Picnic

Having turned your garage door into the perfect romantic backdrop, it would be a shame to not take as much advantage of it as possible. A garden picnic with a view of the projection is both romantic and original.

Garage doors make up a big portion of your home front, and can be used creatively—especially around holidays such as Valentine’s Day. While other options exist, decorating with a projection is the least intrusive to your door. It will not interfere with the automatic opener, the opener’s sensors, the door hinges or any other part of the door. Some decorations may get in the way when opening and closing the door, but a projection will just continue into the garage itself.

Take the next step this Valentine’s Day and bring your garage door into the preparations. It will serve as both backdrop and decoration, and your creative exploits will be noteworthy. Using the door in this way is not very common yet, but could easily become a trend soon—and you could be at the forefront of it right off the bat.

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