Top 5 Issues Homeowners Encounter with Garage Doors

Top 5 Issues Homeowners Encounter with Garage Doors

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What are some of the most common problems with garage doors? Read on to find out. While some problems occur all of a sudden without any warning signs, this is not the case with the majority. Even something small like not completely even bottom section or louder noise during opening and closing can hint that there is something wrong. Don’t ignore the signs, but act upon them.

It is almost a guarantee that our technicians have encountered almost every issue imaginable in regards to repair and replacement of garage doors. Many times it is a simple fix that requires a clear understanding of what caused the issue in the first place but other times, it is necessary to enlist the services of a professional. However, here are a few things to consider before calling the repairman.Top 5 Issues Homeowners Encounter with Garage Doors

* Check the Transmitter Batteries

This is an easy oversight of many homeowners but the batteries could possibly need replacing on the wall, as well as in the garage.

* Misaligned Track

Many people think that this is a simple fix that can be repaired with the trick of a handy tool or a little force in one direction or the other. However, this can be a serious issue and is best addressed by professionals. Attempting to correct the issue on your own could lead to injury or other damage.

* Garage Not Lifting Up

Of course you know that garage doors are extremely heavy and contrary to what many believe; the opener isn’t doing all the work. There are springs in the garage door and if they are damaged or broken, failure to lift up is highly possible.

* Misalignment of the Photo Eye

Did you know that your garage has eyes? No need to worry, they’re not watching you but between both eyes there is a beam, that if not clean or working properly, could stop the door from closing.

*Garage Door Closes Quickly and Loudly

There could be multiple reasons that this is happening to your garage door. However, common causes are usually broken or damaged tension springs or cables.

Whichever the case, it is best to have to make a service call and assess the problem. Keep in mind, problems with garage doors can be complex in nature of repairs and who has time to try and figure it out? Save time and money by contacting our professional garage door company to address the issues.

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